Buddy up for prom, buy 4 complete tuxedo outfits and get 1 free 


Prom is an expensive time of year. Just ask your parents.

By the time you have your picture taken with the girl of your dreams the bank of mum and dad will have already shelled out for the ticket for the prom extravaganza of the year, some smart wheels to ensure you arrive in style, a small roll of cash to enable you to pay your way throughout the eve and no doubt a cab home. Oh, and they’ll be anticipating a dry cleaning bill too.

So here’s why both you and your parents will fall head over heels in love with Johnny Tuxedo.

Our tuxedos are not only incredibly stylish but they’re outrageously good value. To get a suit for £99 is unheard of, especially one worn by the likes of Tom Daley and Jason Manford.

And instead of forking out to hire a suit and then do the same again the year after, your faithful Johnny Tuxedo will provide with loyal service year after year. Wear it more than once and it’s already paying you back.

On top of this it’s machine washable. If you cover yourself in more than glory on your prom night it’s nice to know you can throw it in the machine the next day and it comes out as good as new.

We also deliver in 48 hours. Just so you know.

So when you’re planning your prom, factor Johnny Tuxedo into the mix. Even if you don’t get the date of your dreams, we can help make the whole event a little less painful.

Look good, party hard.