Buddy up for prom, buy 4 complete tuxedo outfits and get 1 free 


There really is only one JT- but is one Tux really enough? Your first Johnny Tuxedo is not only a rite of passage but a must-have. And let’s face it once owned, always loved. The question now is could there more fun to be had with your favourite black and white label? We certainly think so and can show you how.

Of course when on a budget the things you can do to your classic tux means you’ll never leave home under-dressed. But if ever there was a time to turn up the statement style it’s Christmas!!!
While the classic is an every eventer why not bring in the party animal for the ultimate season of good times with the Britannia limited edition a guaranteed head-turner in any sea of suits. Simply flash the Union Jack lining to stand out from the crowd – it is a real festive cracker.
And like the classic black tux the Britannia is also a versatile beast with it’s cool midnight blue tones the perfect choice for all those other A-list occasions in your not too distant future. Let’s say you happily slip on the classic for a summer ball or office party but when it comes to a best mates wedding or an awards do – you never know it might be you – then you are going to want to take your dress-to-impress credentials to the next level. That is where the slick, sleek and oh-so-striking Britannia comes in.
Two tuxedos hanging in your wardrobe – a bit excessive do I hear you say? Ever heard a girl say that about yet another little black dress. And why should the girls have all the fun.
But we are nothing if not helpful here so if you do want to choose your weapon boys here are some helpful hints on where and how to crack the Tuxedo dress code.
Classic Tux
University/graduation ball – wear your classic traditionally with white shirt but for summer events add a pop of bright colour with a yellow Johnny Tuxedo bow tie, for winter balls try the red or black polka dot on for size.
Office parties – a black shirt and skinny tie would work well underneath the classic to look slightly less formal than a ball.
Britannia Tux
Weddings – often black tie is a choice for winter weddings so add a scarf. Wear colourful socks that might fit in with the colour theme, bling on your cufflinks and patent dress shoes. Pocket square can be fluffed in the pocket if you are not wearing a floral button hole.
Awards ceremony – Style your status with a pocket square folded to sit with a straight line just above the pocket – looks grown up and business-like.
New Year’s Eve party – Make the most of the Union Jack lining with a funky pair of shoes to match – could be red Vans. Like the classic the Britannia can be worn with a t-shirt for the ultimate in effortless style.