Buddy up for prom, buy 4 complete tuxedo outfits and get 1 free 


It’s not quite at American proportions but Prom is bigger and better than ever in the UK this year. In fact, if you’re between the ages of 14 and 21 the chances are you’ll be panicking RIGHT NOW about what you’re going to be wearing. Not only that, you’ll be panicking about your date and whether you’re going to arrive in style (limo, Ferrari, helicopter) or whether your dad is going to drop you at the door in the family Vauxhall Zafira. Fingers crossed not the latter.

Thankfully here at Johnny Tuxedo we’re able to introduce an element of calm into the whole process. For when it comes to getting you suited and booted for the big day, we’ve got it covered. No need to worry about whether your suit fits (tick), or whether you can afford it (tick), or whether you look better than everyone else (tick), because by buying your tuxedo from us we GUARANTEE you look a million dollars. And looking a million dollars for £100 is pretty good maths in our book.
We’ve been selling our tuxedos all across the world for the last three years, from America to Australia and the Bahamas to Belize. All of our customers have one thing in common – the desire to look incredible without breaking the bank.

We always say buying is better than hiring for a number of reasons: 1) You can wear your tux again and again 2) It’s cheaper than hiring after the second wear 3) You don’t end up at Prom in a suit worn by hundreds of other people. But even aside from these there’s no better feeling that knowing no-one else is going to look like you. For Johnny Tuxedo will give you a swagger. It will bring out your inner party animal. It will ensure that everyone knows who you are just from the fact you’re in an impeccable suit that fits like a glove.

If you needed any more convincing, and believe me you shouldn’t, we’re also offering 10% off. Now that’s something to shout about!