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Redefining Black and White

University: How to do Black Tie


Whether you’re a first year fresher or a returning student veteran, this is the time of year for you all to experience late night blow outs and a little bit of madness! Welcome to Freshers week… (or two). Unless you’ve done this all before, you seriously don’t understand the importance of budgeting, being ‘skint’ is something you’ll all encounter within a week of starting uni, but Johnny is here to help. Freshers is a time to meet new people and…

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As any self-respecting music fan knows, the MTV Music Awards are this Sunday night. It’s a show Johnny gets excited for every year and the tuxedo-watching is just half of it. We can’t wait to separate the impeccably dressed from the not-so-stylish and work out who’s wearing who. It’s always the dream to spot a Johnny Tuxedo in there somewhere and we’ve had some incredibly stylish appearances on the red carpet over the years. This year we will be looking out for…

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The sun is shining but the wind is blowing a hoolie and there’s a great big threatening grey cloud in the sky – which way is it going to go?! It’s the norm for British weather, but it doesn’t help when you’re trying to dress for an event and you don’t want to get it wrong and spend the day freezing around the ankles or melting around the collar. The great thing about a tux is that you can dress…

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