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Redefining Black and White

Johnny Tuxedo does Halloween


Like all dark and sinister things that go bump in the night, Halloween is creeping up on us. Shops are suddenly full of costumes designed to make children look cute and adults look somewhere between cool and disturbing. If the scariest thing for you so far is that you have drastically run out of time to create a costume and risk the wrath of your partner who has spend months agonising over what to wear – despair no longer. We…

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Well hello Mr Bond.


When we think of Bond we think Tux, he is of course the ultimate action man that can wear formal attire with ease. Whatever the occasion, our suave secret agent looks like he was born to wear a tux – whether undercover at a formal event or kicking the Living Daylights out of the latest baddie trying to take over the world, Bond wears the classic look like a second skin, never looking flustered or having so much as a…

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Bag Yourself a Bow Tie


Hit the final peak season for weddings in September with a confident twist on the head turning tux. Welcome to Johnny Tuxedo. Forget the groom, you’ll be the talk of the town with Johnny Tuxedo. Finish a traditional tux with a signature look by projecting your personality into a bow tie. Why not make that confident leap and add a sense of sexy to your style. When it comes to weddings, you should always be prepared. It’s extremely important to…

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