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Redefining Black and White


Oh no. Luckily at Johnny Tuxedo (johnnytuxedo.co.uk) we’ve recognised that people want a stylish and durable Tux that can be worn over and over. And for a reasonable price. Drop a plate of food over it? Who cares, no problem. Just stick it in the washing machine and wear it again. And again. And again. The season to look a million dollars is upon us once more but thankfully we won’t leave you feeling like you’ve spent that much just…

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Despite taking the mickey out of our models Tom writes a great summing up of the Johnny Tuxedo suit: JOHNNY TUXEDO – TIGHTER THAN THE GREEK BUDGET BUT HOW GOOD COULD A TUXEDO THAT COST LESS THAN £100 LOOK, I WONDERED TO MYSELF. SO I DECIDED TO TRY IT OUT BY TAKING IT TO A FORMAL DINNER… The Johnny Tuxedo is a brilliant suit to risk wearing on a boozy evening out. So cheap you’ll just laugh if you spill…

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