Buddy up for prom, buy 4 complete tuxedo outfits and get 1 free 


Oh no.

Luckily at Johnny Tuxedo (johnnytuxedo.co.uk) we’ve recognised that people want a stylish and durable Tux that can be worn over and over. And for a reasonable price.

Drop a plate of food over it? Who cares, no problem. Just stick it in the washing machine and wear it again. And again. And again.

The season to look a million dollars is upon us once more but thankfully we won’t leave you feeling like you’ve spent that much just to enjoy your big day.

We offer tailored jackets – you can personalise your lining – bow ties and scarves.

And here at Johnny Tuxedo we appreciate that this time of year can put pressure on the wallet.

Want a classic tux, head this way: https://www.johnnytuxedo.co.uk/shop.html. And if you fancy something a little bit more special, try our limited edition Britannia range https://www.johnnytuxedo.co.uk/shop/britannia-tux.html.

We pride ourselves on a cool-headed approach to dressing, promoting style, definition and bespoke elegance.

And, of course, there are other ways of saving the cash this season.

If you’re keen on that bronzed look then seek out a spray tanner, rather than risking your health on a sun bed.

Want that killer hair cut for a low price? Good news – find out where your local beauty college is and pay them a visit. Not only will they charge less, but the rookie crimper will be supervised by an expert. You’ll get the hair style you want, for a fraction of the price. See, you’re getting good at this ‘saving the pennies’ thing.

Prinks? Of course you want that all important meet-up before you head off for your big night. Here’s what to do. Rather than pay over the odds for a pre-night drinks at a venue, send the ‘rents on their way and bring the mates round to yours.

And if you can’t afford that limo then don’t worry. The whole point of the night is to have fun and make memories with your pals. Order a cab – ask them to send their best car – or, better still, find out if any local churches have a mini bus you could use for one night. If they say yes, pimp your ride out with streamers, ticker tape and party poppers. Make it your own personal fun bus.

But above all else, make sure you look the part by investing in a Johnny Tuxedo. We can not only make you look good, but if you take a stroll through our website you’ll see how you can wear your jacket in other ways – be with a t-shirt, with trainers or in a casual sense.

And if you have a tuxedo already, don’t worry – there is plenty more in our range, such as bowties (https://www.johnnytuxedo.co.uk/shop/bow-ties.html), scarves (https://www.johnnytuxedo.co.uk/shop/scarves.html) and t-shirts (https://www.johnnytuxedo.co.uk/shop/tshirts.html).

We can’t promise you’ll secure the date of your dreams on your big night…but we’ll be giving you a head start by helping you look the business. Go on, check us out. You know it makes sense.