Buddy up for prom, buy 4 complete tuxedo outfits and get 1 free 


So, as they say, here it is, Merry Christmas, everybody’s having fun!

It’s too late to do any more shopping so you might as well relax, finishing off your wrapping and wait for the big man to arrive.

But before he does, Johnny Tuxedo has a little present they would like to share with you.

You’ll like it and you’re allowed to open it on Christmas Eve!

From us to you with a great big bow on, we’re starting our sale on Christmas Eve – that’s 10% off everything and you don’t even have to wait for Christmas!

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Whoever said you couldn’t buy style hadn’t met Johnny Tuxedo and at these prices, it’s simply going to be the best Christmas yet.

And the best thing is that to get our present, you don’t even have to write us a note or leave out a mince pie and carrot!

Happy Christmas everyone!