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There really is only one Johnny Tuxedo but is one Tux really enough? Your first Johnny Tuxedo is not only a rite of passage but a must-have. And let’s face it once owned, always loved. The question now is could there more fun to be had with your favourite black and white label? We certainly think so and can show you how. Of course when on a budget the things you can do to your classic tux means you’ll never…

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Merry Christmas from Johnny Tuxedo


So, as they say, here it is, Merry Christmas, everybody’s having fun! It’s too late to do any more shopping so you might as well relax, finishing off your wrapping and wait for the big man to arrive. But before he does, Johnny Tuxedo has a little present they would like to share with you. You’ll like it and you’re allowed to open it on Christmas Eve! From us to you with a great big bow on, we’re starting our…

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Scarf season is here


A Tootal 100% silk scarf makes the perfect accessory for a bit of extra warmth on that cold walk home. Even better; if you want to play the gentleman, drape it round your date’s shoulders and earn yourself some valuable brownie points. Silk is surprisingly insulating! For the traditional British black tie look, try an untied black bow tie combined with a white silk scarf worn flat over the shoulders. If you are feeling adventurous, follow our example and mix,…

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