Buddy up for prom, buy 4 complete tuxedo outfits and get 1 free 


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Why buy when you can hire?


Prom is an expensive time of year. Just ask your parents. By the time you have your picture taken with the girl of your dreams the bank of mum and dad will have already shelled out for the ticket for the prom extravaganza of the year, some smart wheels to ensure you arrive in style, a small roll of cash to enable you to pay your way throughout the eve and no doubt a cab home. Oh, and they’ll be…

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Prom Fever


It’s not quite at American proportions but Prom is bigger and better than ever in the UK this year. In fact, if you’re between the ages of 14 and 21 the chances are you’ll be panicking RIGHT NOW about what you’re going to be wearing. Not only that, you’ll be panicking about your date and whether you’re going to arrive in style (limo, Ferrari, helicopter) or whether your dad is going to drop you at the door in the family…

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Why hire a tuxedo when you can buy?


We know students have it tough. Ok, forget about the endless lie-ins, free periods and constant parties, we’re more thinking about the budget dinners, squalid kitchens and the lack of job opportunities when they come out. You see, there’s pleasure and pain in being a student in Britain. You get to have the time of your life for three or four years and then you realise that you’ll spend the next 23 or 24 years paying for it. That’s why Johnny Tuxedo is riding to…

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