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Simply The Best


Johnny Tuxedo is the ultimate best man.Sharp, stylish and devilishly handsome, he’s the guy all bridesmaids will be making a beeline for. With wedding season now in full swing, those of you with the responsibility of getting the groom through the Big Day can take the spirit of Johnny with you. Of course, it’s not just about looking good. The best man has a handful of other duties to perform which don’t necessarily rely on his incredible good looks (more’s…

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Your Wedding Day: Suit Or Tuxedo?


It’s your wedding day. It belongs to you and your fiancée and no one else. It should be exactly what you wished for and made as special as possible for the couple-to-be. There are many factors to consider, a huge one being what you are going to wear. The choices you make about your dress code are a very important as they reflect a great deal about you and your day. This doesn’t mean that there is any right or…

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Choose the perfect wedding location

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How to choose the perfect wedding location. After they get engaged, every couple will inevitably be faced with the big wedding day questions of when and where, and they are not always that easy to answer. Here are the three main things to consider when choosing a location: 1) How many guests will be attending the wedding? Do you want a small and intimate wedding, a full-blown affair or something in-between? Although your day is predominantly about you, it is…

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