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University: How to do Black Tie


Whether you’re a first year fresher or a returning student veteran, this is the time of year for you all to experience late night blow outs and a little bit of madness! Welcome to Freshers week… (or two). Unless you’ve done this all before, you seriously don’t understand the importance of budgeting, being ‘skint’ is something you’ll all encounter within a week of starting uni, but Johnny is here to help. Freshers is a time to meet new people and…

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Despite taking the mickey out of our models Tom writes a great summing up of the Johnny Tuxedo suit: JOHNNY TUXEDO – TIGHTER THAN THE GREEK BUDGET BUT HOW GOOD COULD A TUXEDO THAT COST LESS THAN £100 LOOK, I WONDERED TO MYSELF. SO I DECIDED TO TRY IT OUT BY TAKING IT TO A FORMAL DINNER… The Johnny Tuxedo is a brilliant suit to risk wearing on a boozy evening out. So cheap you’ll just laugh if you spill…

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One Very Satisfied Customer


At Johnny Tuxedo we like to think we’re different. We may fall into the ‘internet business’ category, but we’re very much real people and everything we do has the customer at its heart. That’s why we constantly man the phones, chase up orders, help sort sizes and deliver within 48 hours. That’s as well as showing you how to look utterly jaw-dropping for your prom, or summer ball, or black tie showpiece. So it’s always incredible when we receive thanks…

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