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A Second Christmas Day from Johnny Tuxedo Tradition has it that Boxing Day is so called because the day after Christmas servants and tradesmen receive gifts known as a Christmas Box. We believe in tradition at Tuxedo Towers but instead of a Christmas Box, snap up your Christmas Tux! Throughout the day on Boxing Day only we will give you 20% off everything from www.johnnytuxedo.co.uk That means you can pick up an impeccably tailored jacket for just £56 and double cuff…

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Black Friday is nearly upon us and while many scorn the ultimate Christmas bun fight, at Johnny Tuxedo it ‘suits’ us perfectly! Because what better day of the year is there for us to offer you an early Christmas present in return for you being able to wear black to perfection? No matter what Christmas party you have planned, a tux ought to be featuring highly on your ‘to wear’ list. Dressed up or dressed down, if you can pull…

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10% off sale extended!


Life is about extensions. If you’re Kim Kardashian it’s about extensions of the hair variety. If you’re a student in the middle of coursework it’s all about extensions to your deadlines. And if you’re a football club struggling to bring in the player of your dreams to save your season, any extension to the transfer window can be the difference between promotion and relegation. So while all three examples are on different ends of the financial scale, they are united…

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