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Johnny Tuxedo does Halloween


Like all dark and sinister things that go bump in the night, Halloween is creeping up on us. Shops are suddenly full of costumes designed to make children look cute and adults look somewhere between cool and disturbing. If the scariest thing for you so far is that you have drastically run out of time to create a costume and risk the wrath of your partner who has spend months agonising over what to wear – despair no longer. We…

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Tasteful Tuxedos


Have a fangstastic night with Johnny Tuxedo! Dracula may be an obvious choice for a Halloween party, but bring him up to date with a modern day look and you’ll be the most stylish monster on the block. Like this year’s Dracula Untold, it’s time to once again add a new twist to the gothic horror character, cast off the outdated tails and ill-fitting trousers, and enter our classic tuxedo. Here at Johnny Tuxedo we’re all about restyling the traditional…

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Fancy Dress? Dress Fancy This Halloween


Fancy Dress? Dress Fancy! It’s that time of year when knocking on strangers doors and begging for sweets becomes okay. Where grown men dressing up as a giant babies or blood stained cheerleaders is the norm. Yes, Halloween is just around the corner but who says Halloween has to mean dragging out that old and tattered fancy dress costume from the back of the wardrobe? Step away from the ripped shirts and fake blood and opt for the smarter option this…

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