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There really is only one Johnny Tuxedo but is one Tux really enough? Your first Johnny Tuxedo is not only a rite of passage but a must-have. And let’s face it once owned, always loved. The question now is could there more fun to be had with your favourite black and white label? We certainly think so and can show you how. Of course when on a budget the things you can do to your classic tux means you’ll never…

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August is upon us and wedding season is in full swing. If you have a plethora of invitations lined up on your mantelpiece you must be wondering what to wear, particularly if they are all for good old British dos and sadly none for beach weddings in the Philippines. While Brit weddings can be relied on to have a stunning backdrop, the one thing we can’t always rely on is the weather. There’s nothing worse than standing around in the…

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Rent or Buy


They may be sidelined by society to some degree but I think it’s time we listened to the pensioners. They’ve seen it all – lived it, loved it, years before we ever did. They’re the ones who not only fought for our freedom but paved the way for us to flourish. A quick chat with Johnny’s granddad last week proved the point. He never borrowed a penny. He moved into his first house with no furniture, sitting on apple boxes…

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