Buddy up for prom, buy 4 complete tuxedo outfits and get 1 free 


Whether you’re a first year fresher or a returning student veteran, this is the time of year for you all to experience late night blow outs and a little bit of madness! Welcome to Freshers week… (or two).

Unless you’ve done this all before, you seriously don’t understand the importance of budgeting, being ‘skint’ is something you’ll all encounter within a week of starting uni, but Johnny is here to help.

Freshers is a time to meet new people and make friends for life. First impressions can be made within the first 30 seconds of meeting someone. So making the best first impression is crucial, and of course, what you’re wearing is going to aid your appeal and attract people who are of similar taste to you, making the world of friend-making much more simple!

However, of course it’s quite difficult to pull off a consistent smart, classic look, and how is that even possible at a reasonable price? That is why we’ve invented JT to be your style guide, whether it’s a welcome ball, sports ball, christmas ball, halloween ball, awards ball… It’s balls all year round at uni, and hiring a fancy suit each time just isn’t going to cut it with your budget! Save your spends on clothes by a drastic amount and still acquire that all time amazing attire.

In the student lifestyle, the student loan is quite essential in terms of being able to survive! Well, have you ever told yourself, “I will spend my student loan wisely”? Research suggests that it’s the most frequent lie told by students, don’t follow the crowd that make that mistake and invest in one of our timeless pieces!

But don’t forget, this is a tux for life, not just for uni! An investment that will give you a head start into being the best, because we mean business, and so do our tux’s!