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Bag Yourself a Bow Tie


Hit the final peak season for weddings in September with a confident twist on the head turning tux. Welcome to Johnny Tuxedo. Forget the groom, you’ll be the talk of the town with Johnny Tuxedo. Finish a traditional tux with a signature look by projecting your personality into a bow tie. Why not make that confident leap and add a sense of sexy to your style. When it comes to weddings, you should always be prepared. It’s extremely important to…

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University: How to do Black Tie


Whether you’re a first year fresher or a returning student veteran, this is the time of year for you all to experience late night blow outs and a little bit of madness! Welcome to Freshers week… (or two). Unless you’ve done this all before, you seriously don’t understand the importance of budgeting, being ‘skint’ is something you’ll all encounter within a week of starting uni, but Johnny is here to help. Freshers is a time to meet new people and…

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