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Happy Birthday Johnny!


There’s nothing more we love than donning our tux and gearing up for a party with friends. And this weekend our social calendar is brimming with two major celebrations! Not only will we be flashing the inside of our patriotic Britannia tuxedos to mark St George’s Day, but it’s Johnny Tuxedo’s very own 2nd birthday! Double party! We are always giving you advice, very sound advice we might add, on how best to dress up (or down) your Johnny Tuxedo…

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We’re picturing the scene, summer is nearly here and already your mantelpiece is lining up with invitations to weddings of friends planning sunny nuptials. Or maybe you are a groomsman or even the man himself, getting ready to tie the knot in a long ago planned outdoor ceremony. Whatever our part in the day, we want to be celebrating with a glass of bubbly or beer with our sunglasses on and the sun beating down on our backs. We’ve worked…

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Love it or hate it the word ‘prom’ is guaranteed to set girls’ hearts aflutter and send men into a blind panic. As one of the biggest rites of passage you can face, the outfit you choose will make a statement about you as a man – get it right, you’ll look back fondly at your prom photos for years to come; get it wrong, you’ll cringe at the very thought of it. Luckily for you, you don’t need to…

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