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Black Tuxedo vs Midnight Blue Tuxedo?


Students of psychology will tell you (if you give them the chance) that the more choice we have the less likely we are to make a decision. Overwhelm people with options and products and they become so frustrated that they end up doing nothing at all. The professors call this avoidance behaviour. While we can’t pretend to have sought the opinions of such thought leaders when setting up Johnny Tuxedo, we knew it made sense to make life simple for…

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Happy Chinese New Year


We’re always looking for an excuse to wear a tuxedo. We don’t want to over-use it of course (no running to the shops on a Saturday morning for a paper and a pint of milk in full black tie, silly) but when the party looks like it’s getting into full swing we want to be there with bells on. And bows on. So our eyes lit up this week as the world prepared for the Chinese New Year celebrations. Gone…

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Awards season is hotting up and with it the fight to be named best dressed and not stray onto the pages created solely to highlight the fashion faux pas. And while the women take centre stage on the red carpet, the men have on the whole cruised in looking everything you want a Hollywood star to be – suave, sophisticated and immaculately dressed in a traditional tux. Most of the big names at the BAFTAs and Golden Globes have stuck…

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