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Tasteful Tuxedos


Have a fangstastic night with Johnny Tuxedo! Dracula may be an obvious choice for a Halloween party, but bring him up to date with a modern day look and you’ll be the most stylish monster on the block. Like this year’s Dracula Untold, it’s time to once again add a new twist to the gothic horror character, cast off the outdated tails and ill-fitting trousers, and enter our classic tuxedo. Here at Johnny Tuxedo we’re all about restyling the traditional…

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Bond of the Month – Sean Connery


Ever since we launched back in 2012, we advised you to avoid dressing like your dad at all costs. Don’t hire a suit which has been worn by hundreds of other people and could double as Billy Smart’s Big Top, we said; buy your own instead which fits you like a glove and you can wear again and again. We have sold in more than 30 countries with this same ethos – buying is better than hiring because you end…

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Rent or Buy


They may be sidelined by society to some degree but I think it’s time we listened to the pensioners. They’ve seen it all – lived it, loved it, years before we ever did. They’re the ones who not only fought for our freedom but paved the way for us to flourish. A quick chat with Johnny’s granddad last week proved the point. He never borrowed a penny. He moved into his first house with no furniture, sitting on apple boxes…

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