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Formal Dinner Etiquette


You might think etiquette is all very ‘Downton Abbey’; a dated and irrelevant set of rules designed simply to judge your fellow man. But regardless of your social standing we all have to abide by certain codes and regulations. From a habit of apologising when you’re in the right, to dutifully queuing, to talking about the weather, every day our lives are filled with little idiosyncrasies, which go towards creating the pitfalls and peculiarities of British society. We’re a pretty…

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Fresher than the rest


It’s likely to be the biggest week of your life to date. Yet Freshers’ Week is so much more than just making friends. It’s about making a statement. Amidst the blur of drinking games and the sea of new faces, the next three years of your life will be mapped out by how you perform at Freshers’ Week – who you meet, how you meet them, where you end up at three in the morning and how you maintain your…

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 We know Johnny Tuxedo wearers would wear their tuxedos everyday if they could. Out with friends, to the office, walking the dog… You are among the most immaculate dressed men in the land. How do we know this? Because if you have opted for a Johnny Tuxedo then you must have lashings of style and know class and quality when you see it. But even the most immaculate among us have to have some down time. The Rat Pack didn’t…

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