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Tux-Transformation : Festival Style


As boys (and ridiculously stylish ones at that) we all know the deal when it comes to fashion. We buy something we fancy, keep it and wear it as much as possible. Us boys like to keep things simple and easy, just the way everything in life should be. Johnny has yet again come up with a quick and easy guide to make sure your outfit repeats never get old. We’ve created some cool ways you can wear your Tuxedo…

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Young Farmers Balls


It’s that time of year again. Time to put the tractor to bed, tuck in the animals for the night and get ready to have a ball… No matter where you come from in the country if you’re a young farmer and a member of the National Federation of Young Farmers, then this one’s for you. Young Farmers Balls will be taking place across the country over the next few months and you’ll already be thinking ahead to how to…

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