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Get The Chelsea Look


Love rat or spoiled little rich kid, it doesn’t matter, a well tailored tuxedo can add class to any act with its classic cut and crisp tailored lines. As the male cast of Made in Chelsea show on a regular basis, whether posing on a yacht in the Med or showing how to apres ski in Switzerland, they will always find an excuse to dress up. And let’s face it, no one does tuxedos quite like them. Whether romancing the…

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Why Buy Your Tuxedo


  It’s a dilemma that every man will face at least once in his life when he needs a tuxedo – ‘do I rent or do I buy?’ The answer is easy. You buy. Each time you rent a tuxedo you’re still losing a hefty amount of money. Depending on whether you are going to need your tux more than once in your life (which is more than likely) hiring can become a pricey affair. You will pay on average…

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9 Ways To Wear


WHAT’S YOUR STYLE? Tuxedos may not seem like the most adaptable of outfits. But by mixing and matching your tux, you can create a range of different looks. We’ve put together a ‘Ways to Wear’ style guide in order to demonstrate the many different ways Johnny’s Tux can be worn. You might be surprised to find that we’ve come up with nine very different and adaptable styles. Now you can achieve the perfect outfit for any occasion. 1) Bond This…

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