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Johnny Tuxedo is Recruiting


It’s often the case when you finish university potential employers will ask you ‘what experience have you got?’ It seems they don’t realize that 3 years of late night library stints and 9am lectures is the experience you’ve got! Have no fear, here at Johnny Tuxedo we’ve formulated a plan that means you can get some great PR, Marketing and Fashion work experience whilst still studying (or partying). Keen, motivated, organized, smart, hardworking, reliable? Sound like you? We want you…

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Girls In Tuxedos


We’ve talked about all the different ways you can wear a JT tuxedo, now it’s time to talk about the different people who can wear it i.e. Girls in Tuxedos Men having been wearing tuxedos since pre 1900s, it’s time we give the girls a chance. Usually girls only put a tux jacket on when a chivalrous sort offers her some warmth at the end of a long night. But it’s time to mix it up girls, androgyny is huge…

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GQ Style Awards ‘The Tuxedo is back’

The-Night-of-the-Tuxedo-FB-Post copy

It’s the one night of the celebrity calendar that focus’ on the men. This year we weren’t disappointed in the display from the suave and sophisticated suitors. From the biggest name in men’s fashion, Tom Ford, to the biggest name in pop Justin Timberlake, the dapper gents were out in force. Last year we saw an array of weird and wonderful attempts to stray from the norm of a Tuxedo, but this year was different! Almost all of the male…

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