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Johnny Tuxedo Whips up a Tropical Storm


I have to say when I was designing my tuxedo I never dreamed of the global success it might become. In May I wrote about the increase in European orders for my suit and now it seems my tux has now reached even further afield to the tropical paradise of Barbados. I was stoked to hear that Richard Gooding had chosen one of my suits for his Graduation. I have to say sir that is some pretty awesome scenery you’re…

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Johnny Tuxedo Goes to the Prom

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While the suit is top of the must-have list for Britain’s prom kings it seems laid-back style is still in fashion with us boys who leave it as late as possible to smarten up their act. Surveys have revealed us boys now spend up to 24 per cent more on our prom night but unlike the girls, who start planning their outfits as early as January,  us  last-minute lads get our look sorted just days before the big night. Not…

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Johnny Tuxedo is Geared-Up for Festival Season


School’s out, uni’s finished and the workers among us are winding down. It can only mean one thing – summer is on its way. It all begins right here as the ink dries on that last exam paper with endless weeks of lazy days stretching out into the distance. And what better way to get the summer started than with a competition to win a pair of tickets to one of THE dates on the festival calendar. The 2000 Trees Music Festival has…

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