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Redefining Black and White

How to do halloween in style


Like all dark and sinister things that go bump in the night, Halloween is creeping up on us. Shops are suddenly full of costumes designed to make children look cute and adults look somewhere between cool and disturbing. If the scariest thing for you so far is that you have drastically run out of time to create a costume and risk the wrath of your partner who has spend months agonising over what to wear – despair no longer. We…

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Girls just want to have fun!


Shouting to all our girls, why do the boys get all the fun in JT when we are just as (if not more) in power.   Posh Spice is leading the way, empowering us with her amazing designs. Recently she’s been murdering the tux but to that comes with a price – right? Not at Johnny T. We’ve got your backs with our classic jackets at only £50. We’d hate to see you suffer, so you can now look as…

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University: How to do Black Tie


Whether you’re a first year fresher or a returning student veteran, this is the time of year for you all to experience late night blow outs and a little bit of madness! Welcome to Freshers week… (or two). Unless you’ve done this all before, you seriously don’t understand the importance of budgeting, being ‘skint’ is something you’ll all encounter within a week of starting uni, but Johnny is here to help. Freshers is a time to meet new people and…

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